Dieng Culture Festival – Tourism on the Dieng Plateau

In a series of cultural festivals in addition to enjoying cultural performances we can also enjoy interesting tourism objects in Dieng, one of which is the Arjuna temple complex which is the venue for the Dieng culture festival, not only arjuna temple complex, there are other historical relics in the plains. high dieng include bima temple, setyaki temple, Gathutkaca temple, dharawati temple.

Located to the west of the largest temple in Dieng, namely the Temple of Bima, there is one interesting tourist area to visit, which is a field crater which is a mainstay of tourism in the Dieng Plateau region. Besides that, it is an active volcanic area which has several craters scattered in the dieng plateau including Candradimuka crater, Sileri crater, sikendang crater, weigh crater, sibanteng crater. As a result of the existence of these craters there are also caldera or ancient volcanic eruptions that can still be seen until now. Lake color is one of the caldera that is used as a vehicle for popular tourism in the Dieng Plateau.

Many interesting lakes to visit include lake cebong, lake merdada, lake balekambang, telaga sidringo, telaga sewiwi. As one of the regions that relies on the agricultural sector as the main commodity, people are dieng utilizing the role of the caldera or lake as one of supporting agricultural drainage.

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